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Refuse / Waste Collection

Refuse / Waste Collection

The days your collections are made are being changed please see your leaflet that should have been delivered to your household if not contact 01279 655261 or 

For the Eastwick and Gilston areas it will now be a THURSDAY.

Black  Wheelie Bins

Your Black Bin is emptied every other THURSDAY.  These should only have items which you cannot recycle or compost.

Please leave out at end of your property for collection.

Brown Wheelie Bins

put in this bin – 

Any food waste: cooked or raw, newspaper/paper bags for wrapping food, garden waste, animal bedding e.g. newspaper or straw from small vegetarian pets.

NOT TO BE PUT IN BIN – bags of any sort, except paper, liquids or oils, food/drink cartons, waxed/coated cardboard e.g. washing powder box, plant pots, seed trays or soil, bottles, cans & tins, general household waste, nappies or animal faeces.

These are emptied every other THURSDAY

New Black Bin with a Blue Lid

put in this bin- 

Brown cardboard, cardboard packing, e.g. cereal boxes, cans and tins (steel and aluminium), plastic (types 1-6), aerosols, all colours of glass bottles and jars, tin foil (wrapping and food containers), cartons/Tetrapaks.

These are empties every other THURSDAY.

Inner Paper Box or Blue Box

put in this- 

Newspapers and magazines, junk mail, yellow pages and directories, white paper, white envelopes, catalogues and brochuers.  If this gets full you can use your blue box for any extra you may have.

These are emptied every other THURSDAY.