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Church Services

Church Services

1. On this page you will find the details of Church contacts.

2. Church services for the month within the Benefice.

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Priest-in-charge – Vacant

Associate Priest:

Su Tarran –

Mission Enabler:

Sarah Bagnall 01279 441644


Joy Galliers-Burridge 01279 444870

Roger Burridge 01279 444870

June Denton 01279 723714

Lay leaders of worhsip

Janet Bellingham 07882743627

Rosemary Davis


Sarah Bagnall 01279 441644

Michael Shaw - 01279 726792


Christine Law - 01279 411646


Judith Denton 01279 723714

Safeguarding Officer:

Sarah Bagnall 01279 441644


Benefice of High Wych and Gilston with Eastwick

Church website:

Facebook: eastwick and gilston church’s


Living in Love and Faith Online Course - a landmark resource helping us explore identity, sexuality and relationships

Bishop Michael will be leading an online zoom course for Living in Love and Faith.  The sessions are all on Wednesday evenings, from 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm.  The dates are: 26th January; 2nd February; 9th February; 23rd February and 9th March.  You can follow this link to book a place:




2nd January

Celebrating the Epiphany


BCP Holy Communion

St James, High Wych




Family Service

St James, High Wych

9th January

Baptism of Christ

1st Sunday of Epiphany


Holy Communion

St James, High Wych




Holy Communion

St Mary’s, Gilston

16th January

2nd Sunday of Epiphany


Holy Communion

St James, High Wych




Holy Baptism

St James, High Wych

23rd January

3rd Sunday of Epiphany


Holy Communion

St James, High Wych




Holy Communion

St Botolph’s, Eastwick

30th January


 4th Sunday of Epiphany


Holy Communion

St James, High Wych




Holy Baptism

St James, High Wych

  January is always a month of new beginnings as we look afresh at a new year.  Many of us make resolutions of things we will try to do more, or less. Giving things up or starting new habits.

Some of them will stick and others will fall by the wayside.

Each year I resolve to read my Bible more regularly – something I always TRY to do, but never quite make my daily target.

This year I am inspired by a conversation I had before Christmas, while searching for a suitable gift for my young nephew. We were mid-spelling test after a Sunday lunch, and I thought I’d had a brainwave: How about I buy you a nice dictionary set to go in your stocking? This suggestion was met by a quizzical look of: why would anyone need that? There is spell-check and Siri and an online dictionary at your fingertips - if you really need to look something up.

He was right – and there really is no excuse for me to not to try and read my Bible every day. I have access to the internet on my phone and through I can read any version of the Bible I choose, in any language and pull up a half-forgotten verse on a search as quickly as my WiFi or phone signal will allow.

I can also download a copy of the Bible onto my Kindle or phone for free and access daily readings and services online through the Church of England website: following or listening to the readings for the day – which throughout the year take us through various chapters of the Old and New Testament, telling of Jesus’ life and reminding us of some good rules to live by.

So I am, once again, going to set myself the same annual challenge to read my Bible daily and I wonder if you might consider taking it up with me – even if we all only manage it a couple of times a week.

The great thing about God is we don’t have to wait for the new year to make new resolutions. When we say the words of The Lord’s Prayer: “forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us” we are forgiven for our failings and wrong-doings and start afresh: “new, every morning.”
The slate is wiped clean, and we can try again.

This year our Gospel readings come from Luke and contain comprehensive coverage of Jesus’ miracles and parables – not a bad place to start, even if we only work our way through those. And there is a lot of good information, history and advice in the Bible. But one of the key instructions we are given - above all others is: “to love one another” as Christ loves us.

So, as we enter another year, with COVID uncertainties and never quite sure what is round the corner, that is also not a bad resolution for us to add to our lists.

Will you take up the same challenges and join me?
I wish you Godspeed for the year ahead.

Sarah Bagnall

(Churchwarden – Gilston & Eastwick)

CAN YOU HELP GILSTON AND EASTWICK CHURCHES?                                                                                                     

Our two village churches are run by a team of people who make up the Parochial Church council or PCC.

We are hugely grateful to all of our volunteers that currently help out to keep our churches and churchyards looking splendid.

We are always looking for more helpers to help with our village events and activities we would love to hear from you.  Also, if there are any accountants that could spare a few hours a month to assist our treasurer that would be great.

Please contact Churchward Sarah Bagnall for more information (01279 441644)

If you are unable to give up your time have you considered making a financial contribution to the running of our two wonderful church buildings and our ministry in the community, we would greatly value your support. 

This could be done by Standing Order on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis and would make a huge difference to our ability to pay our bills and ensure we can have a full-time parish priest in the community in the future.

Details for setting up a Standing Order:

Barclays Bank

Gilston & Eastwick Parochial Church Council

Sort Code: 20-36-98

Account: 90619906

All contributions would be extremely gratefully received and will help support more projects like our recent window repairs at St Mary’s, required electrical maintenance, pest control and our ability to restore and improve both of our churches.  THANK YOU.