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Sunday 5th April at 9.30am  WELCOME SHEET

Palm Sunday Service

The Rev’d Su Tarran will be streaming this service for us from her home. Learning how to access streaming is on the email,


Monday 6th April - Candlelit Taize – 8.00pm

Rev’d Su Tarran (streaming)

Tuesday 7th April  - Evening Prayer - 6.30pm

Sarah Bagnall (streaming)

Wednesday 8th April  - Compline - Sarah Bagnall (streaming)

Thursday 9th April  - Maundy Thursday Service – 8.00pm

Rev’d Su Tarran (streaming)

Friday 10th April

Good Friday Service - (Watching the Cross) 2.00pm– 3.00pm  - Rev’d Su Tarran (streaming)

Saturday 11th April

Easter Eve Vigil & New Fire Service – 8.30pm

Rev’d Su Tarran (streaming)

Sunday 12th April

Easter Day Service – 9.30am

Rev’d Su Tarran (streaming)

As you are aware our churches remain closed. Please continue to pray for the Coronavirus situation, for all the people who are suffering in any way. Let us all do our share in stamping out this virus by following the governments directions. If you are self-isolating a phone call to a friend or lonely person will do good. Pray for the NHS, care workers and all those who are working during this harrowing time to keep us safe.

Please pray for those who are ill and those who care for them:

Rita Fellows, John Ross, Sue Saunders, Andrew and Mia Brown

Long-term sick;

Jenny Pemble, Jennifer, Ruth Ashton, Kelly Osborne, Donna Reynolds, Ian Neilson, Emma Wharton, Doreen Cunningham, Malcolm Law, William Monk, Jean Beeching, Rita Bird, Len Castree, Adele, Rosemarie, David Wright, Denise Murphy. Deidre and Harold Rawlings. Colin

Recently Departed and those who mourn them:

Montie , Les England

Anniversaries of Death

Richard Cofield, Rosina Lowry, Sheila Rose, John Bird, Alfred Wilson,

For Prayer this week:

  • The Ash & Quin Valleys Group Ministry
  • Parishes of Albury, Much Hadham, Little Hadham & Perry Green.  Rector Steve Bate.
  • Parishes of Braughing, Stocking Pelham & Furneux Pelham.  Rector Julie Gawthorpe.
  • The Parish of Dunton (Biggleswade). Palm Sunday 
  • Prayers: For the Ministers of the Parish and community they serve.

This Sunday – Palm Sunday readings are: -

Old Testament – Isaiah 50: 4-9a

Psalm - 118: 1-2. 19-end

New Testament – Philippians 2: 5-11

Gospel - Matthew 21: 1-11.

Passion – Matthew 26: 14-end of 27 or 27: 11-54.

Next Sunday – 12th April – Easter Sunday.

Old Testament – Acts 10:34-43 or Jeremiah 31:1-6

Psalm – 118: 1-2. 14-24 or 118:14-24

New Testament – Colossians 3:1-4 or Acts 10:34-43

Gospel – John 20:1-18 or Matthew 28:1-10


Coffee shop – closed

Benefice weekly Lent Group - postponed.

St Albans Diocese advice about Coronavirus, how it effects church services and precautions can be found on,  this is updated daily.

Food Bank – items are always needed for desperate families; instead of leaving them at St James, please donate in-store when if and when you are shopping

Prayer for Growth

God of Mission send your Holy Spirit to give vision to our planning, wisdom to our actions, and power to our witness. Help our churches grow in numbers, in spiritual commitment to you and service to our local community, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

During our vacancy please contact the Readers or the Church Wardens if help is needed.  Thank you.

Benefice contacts:

Readers:   Joy and Roger Burridge:  01279 444870

Judith Denton:  01279 723714

Lay Leader of Worship:  Janet Bellingham 01279 724247

Church Wardens:

High Wych: Brenda Castree 01279 724544;

Sam Clark 07717542524

Gilston & Eastwick: Sarah Bagnall 01279 441644

Michael Shaw: 01279 726792

Safeguarding Officers

High Wych: Cath Sharples 01279 600996

Gilston with Eastwick: Sarah Bagnall 01279 441644

Web site:

Events to be advertised on the Welcome Sheet, please contact

Christine Law 01279 411646

“Eastwick & Gilston Parish Magazine” Editor. Christine Law

 “The Link” for High Wych. Editor:  Ali Geller 01279 723677  Articles are always welcome for both magazines. Unusual experience? Different holiday? Write about it and send it to Ali or Christine



ATTACHMENTS:-  Welcome sheet for this Sunday and yesterday’s letter from Bishop Alan

Dear friends, I hope and pray that I find you safe and in good health.

I hope you are managing to stream our services.   Last Sunday Revd Su Tarran gave us a very meaningful sermon and I look forward to this Sundays and next week’s Holy week services.  Many thanks to Su.

As mentioned on the w/s. To gain access to the streamed services, go into Google Search and in the search box type Gilston and Eastwick Churches, this will direct you to Facebook and invite you to join.  You only have to use your name and email address to do this (there is no need to give any more information) once in, if necessary search for Gilston and Eastwick churches, click onto one of the posts until you find the picture of Wendy at Messy Church.  On the left of the screen is the word VIDOEs, click this and you will find at least two previous services.  Service sheets and hymns will be posted online as well. Enjoy. 

Our postman Ian Brown has asked for prayers for his daughter Mia who has been hospitalised with breathing difficulties, Ian and the rest of his family are self-isolating.

Sue Saunders arrived home yesterday (Thursday 2nd), she will be looked after by her husband David and carers.

If you would like me to add anything to next week’s Welcome Sheet or the accompanying email, please forward it to me.

There has been a request to know Wendy Carter’s new telephone number, she has agreed for it to be shared – 0121 7446315

As I asked when I started to email the Welcome to you, can I ask again that we all say the Grace together on Friday at 6pm. One church, one family. Thank you.

Love and God’s blessing to you all.




Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be s haken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and awe (Hebrews 12. 28 from today’s reading for Morning Prayer). 

During these uncertain times the writer of the letter to the Hebrews reminds us of the coming of God’s kingdom, for which we pray each day in the Lord’s Prayer. It encourages us practice the Christian disciplines of thanksgiving and worship, whatever the circumstances. 

1. Maundy Thursday and Easter

I hope that as many people as possible will be able to take part in an online renewal of ministeri al vows at 11.00 am on Maundy Thursday. I am working on materials to enable this and will give you further details soon. However, I realise that we are all under pressure and no one should feel guilty if they cannot join us.  

It is important that as many parishes as possible pre-record or stream live worship on Easter Day, observing all the protocols and guidance that is currently in place. If for any reason you are unable to do this, please provide members of your congregations with worship material or direct them to the services that will b e broadcast live on local and national media. 

Worship resources are available at This is updated regularly and now includes excellent materials from members of our Schoo ls Team for family worship at home.

2. Finance and giving

Along with other charities, every part of the church is facing acute financial challenges due to the closure of our buildings. I know many of you are cutting expenditure and some have had to furlough staff under the government’s scheme. I and my colleagues are working hard on this subject, examining where we can cut or delay expenditure. However, this will only make a small contribution as the vast majority of central diocesan expenditure goes directly to support parochial work and mission. I have picked up some anxiety about stipends, particularly with regard to whether these might be reduced or cut. I want to assure you that this is not on the agenda, either nationally or in this diocese. We are grateful for the way that so many of you have been in touch assuring us that you are doing everything in your power to keep paying parish share as long as you are able.

We are aware that some members of congregations are in dire financial straits and we cannot urge them to give more. However, we have heard stories of others who in response to the crisis have already raised their giving. 

The attached document from the Revd Kate Peacock, Church Growth Officer, written in close association with our finance team, offers some thoughts and suggestions. So that we can share together in these challenges, we are exploring the possibility of holding online meetings with clergy and treasurers in the near future.

3.  Healthcare Chaplains

I am greatly encouraged by the response that clergy and ministers are making across the diocese, and I pay particular tribute to our hospital and healthcare chaplains.  The pastoral care of our NHS care workers and of patients is vitally important at any time, and especially so now.

May I take this opportunity of reminding clergy, Readers and parish volunteers that you should not go to hospitals to visit parishioners at present.  The correct course is to contact the chaplaincy team and to refer the individuals to them.

4. NHS Pastoral Care Scheme to exten d to Bedfordshire

The NHS pastoral care scheme for families of seriously ill or deceased patients has been extended to Bedfordshire. I have attached the information about this again, for ease of reference and am grateful for the support that many of you are giving to this important work that has been entrusted to us.

5.  Zoom use and safeguarding guidance

We are fortunate to have so much wonderful technology to help us work and worship. As with much of this, the settings are crucial for the safety of ourselves and others. Please read this guidance from the National Safeguarding Team about settings for the Zoom video conferencing tool which many are making use of at present.

With gratitude for our fellowship in the gospel. Please pray for me as I pray for you.


From the Bishop of St Albans and on behalf of Richard, Bishop of Bedford, Michael, Bishop of Hertford, Janet, Archdeacon of Hertford, Dave, Archdeacon of Bedford, Jane, Archdeacon of St Albans, Jeffrey the Dean of St Albans and Canon Susan Pope, Diocesan Secretary.

Do nothing that puts you or anyone else at risk. Check the C of E Coronavirus updates frequently.

Arun Kataria

Communications Officer, The Diocese of St Albans

Tel: 01727 818110; mobile 07809 149430

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