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Fri, 14th December 2018

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Places for People Local Transport event – 21st May 2018

Places for People (PfP) invited the residents of Gilston (remember this includes all residents living in Terlings Park, along Pye Corner / Eastwick Road / Burnt Mill Lane, Gilston Park and all houses along Gilston Lane) to the Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall where PfP consultants explained various proposals they are considering to change traffic movement around and through the village in the event the East Herts Draft District Plan being approved.

More than 80 residents attended the evening; although this is a relatively large number there were many residents who could not attend due to the timing of the ‘event’, having work commitments, etc. which meant they could not return to the village by 6:00pm on a Monday evening. Mary Parsons, director of Places for People, introduced the evening and informed residents a copy of the slides will be available on the PfP website Gilston section in the near future.

Those who were able to attend received a comprehensive explanation of changes to traffic flow PfP assume will result from building a new “Eastern Crossing” that would be accessed from either end of Gilston village.  Residents may recollect from the Main Modifications to the Local Plan proposed by East Herts Council that in essence they are seeking to change the “C” category road with a weight restriction running through Pye Corner into an extension to the A414 connecting from the Eastwick Roundabout to the, to be built, new junction 7 A on the M11. On your behalf we (Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston Neighbourhood Planning Group) have objected to this severing of our village in two by such a road and all the adverse environment impacts on us.

The potential changes PfP put forward for consideration were:

1.    Options to restrict “rat running” along Pye Corner / Eastwick Lane

2.    Access for Terlings Park onto the proposed new Eastern Crossing western approach

3.    Possible closing of Gilston Lane (road from Pye Corner to Gilston Church, High Wych, etc)

Following the presentation residents were afforded time to question / seek clarification from PfP before forming four discussion groups that considered the maps & drawings in more detail and used Post-Its to submit comments to the proposals and alternative suggestions.  Despite the hall being very crowded on a warm Summer’s evening there was lots of lively discussion.

At the end of the evening PfP collected up all the feedback and tell us they will return a collated summary back to your Neighbourhood Planning Group in the near future.

As a Neighborhood Plan Group we want to hold a seminar on both the impact of this proposal and the wider transport proposals but sadly East Herts and P4P could not make our proposed date in April and we hope that they will agree a date with us for such a wider consultation with more notice. We think these issues are of great importance and residents of the joint parishes should have the detail explained to them and a proper chance to put forward views, not least as the function of the Eastern crossing was altered by East Herts Council in their proposed modifications to the Local Plan with no consultation.

Hunsdon, Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group (HEGNP.org.uk


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