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   Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston (HEGNPG) Update March 2018    March 29, 2018

Hunsdon, Eastwick & Gilston

Neighbourhood Plan Group (HEGNPG) Update March 2018


Saving our Green Belt and Villages



East Herts District Plan Main Modifications Consultation:

Responses must be submitted by

5:00pm Thursday 29th March, 2018.


Draft response to EHDC's Main Modifications can be found at HEGNP.org.uk

At the Examination in Public (EiP), Nov 2017, the Inspector instructed East Herts District Council (EHDC) to make various modifications to their draft District Plan.  These modifications are classified as MAIN or MINOR Modifications with the Main Modifications being subject to further public consultation.


EHDC published their amended draft District Plan early February 2018 and opened a public consultation for the period 15th February to 29th March 2018.  The modified Plan is extremely long and is available, along with the on-line response forms, at:



The HEGNPG have studied the Main Modifications and, whilst some of the changes are welcomed, some of them have given us reason for great concern.  We are preparing a comprehensive response to these modifications which we will present to the Inspector via EHDC.  Our response comments on 21 of the Main Modifications and will be published on the HEGNPG website soon.


It is important the Inspector is reminded of the strength of feeling and concern you, the community, have with the draft District Plan and that she is informed of any concerns you have with the Main Modifications. 


To assist you in preparing feedback to the Main Modifications we have drafted a template you may wish to read, perhaps amend, and email to the Inspector via EHDC.  The template we have drafted comments on the 3 KEY issues (as we see them) and extends to 9 pages because there are strict formatting requirements.  You must complete Pages 2 and 9 (if you do not do this your response will not be accepted).  The three key issues, which we would like your help in making representations, are:


o   Objecting to creating an extension to the A414 dual carriageway right through the middle of Pye Corner Gilston to relieve traffic problems in Harlow

o   Objecting to adding a new Business Park in conflict with the Concept Development Framework East Herts have consulted on.

o   Strengthening the need for proper Community engagement and ensuring the villages (as proposed by East Herts), if they happen, are created as proper villages, not an urban extension to Harlow



You can find the draft response on our website: HEGNP.org.uk along with a copy of what we will be submitting on our collective behalf.  Please download the document and amend as you wish, adding your personal details, etc on Pages 2 & 9, then email to: planningpolicy@eastherts.gov.uk


If you prefer you can print the response form and complete by hand then post to:

Planning Policy, East Herts Council, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford, Hertfordshire, SG13 8EQ


As the draft template response is so long we have also printed a few copies which can be collected from:               Hunsdon Village Post Office

Or requested from:

                        Mark Orson, 07787 500819, mark.orson@outlook.com   

                        Janine Bryant, 01279 635198, piers.bryant@yahoo.co.uk


It is vital we once again show EHDC the strength of feeling our community holds on their proposal to remove our villages from the Green Belt and our desire to ensure (should the District Plan be approved) that any development meets the highest possible standards and minimises impacts on our existing community.


Please complete a response / feedback to the EHDC draft District Plan Main Modifications and submit before 5:00pm Thursday 29th March 2018.


ADVANCE NOTIFICATION – we are working with East Herts to hold two further Community Workshops to provide you with vital information on what is proposed and ensure that your voice is heard, the dates we have suggested are 28th April and 9th June




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