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   STOP HARLOW NORTH    June 18, 2016





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Dear All,

Welcome to the first in a series of STOP HARLOW NORTH Newsletters that we intend to publish as we approach the publication of the draft East Herts District Council (EHDC) District Plan and the subsequent “public consultation”.  It is extremely important that all local residents opposed to the building of thousands of houses to the North of Harlow make their voices heard and at the end of the newsletter, we provide advice on the how you can do this.  Please do not under estimate the importance of taking action.  Your local District Councillors are not opposing the scheme (despite what they said to you to get elected) and it is now down to all of us all to stand up and defend our villages, our towns and our way of life.  With your support, the STOP HARLOW NORTH CAMPAIGN has successfully defeated repeated attempts to build on the green belt North of Harlow and we now need your assistance once again.

Many of you will be familiar with the long history of the potential Harlow North development. In recent times, the country has suffered unusually high population growth overlaid onto an existing housing shortage. Harlow North is attractive to planners in that there is a single developer owning sufficient farmland on which to build a town and all within commuting distance of London.  To be clear, the pressure for Harlow North is driven by a general lack of housing in the South East and is not in response to our local housing needs.  In the past, Harlow North has been turned down by the Planning Inspectorate on two occasions due to a number of factors including strong local opposition and the impracticality of adding tens of thousands of people to the population with the resulting and unacceptable (in planning-speak, “unsustainable”) strain on the infrastructure. 
Regrettably, in recent times, the strong local opposition has begun to splinter.  This is primarily as a result of East Herts District Councillors moving from a position of outright opposition to that of complicit encouragement.

In the 2010 elections, the Conservative Party manifesto clearly stated that they would “never” allow Harlow North to go ahead.  Fast forward to 2014, and the Conservative-dominated Council named the Gilston Area as a potential site for development.  Excusing this change from “never” to specifically naming it as a potential site, they claimed they had only done so to prevent a developer free-for-all in the absence of a Local Development Plan due for publication in 2016.  In the 2015 local election, the Conservative Party won ALL the seats on East Herts District Council. 
Last month, the Council agreed to apply for Government assistance to make Harlow North a reality.
The Council clearly feels no need to honour promises to the local population, has a total disregard for the views of their residents and thinks it perfectly acceptable to dress up a shift in policy in nonsense (naming Gilston an area for potential development to stop development).  Our own Councillor representing Hunsdon, Widford, Eastwick and Gilston claimed he was against the scheme when electioneering last year, only to reverse his position just weeks after the election.  Our voice in the Council is now neutered and Harlow North is even referred to in Council papers as being to the benefit of East Herts local residents. The assistance now being sought from Government requires “local support” and doubtless the council will offer the required evidence of this support.
It is our responsibility to make sure the spin by your Council is exposed for what it is. We would like to encourage as many residents as possible to make it quite clear to Central Government that Harlow North does not have local support.

To this end, please e-mail: locallyledgardencities@communities.gsi.gov.uk Cc: stopharlownorth@btinternet.com and use words along the following lines…
I understand that my local Council, East Herts District Council, has declared an intention to apply for Government assistance to develop north of Harlow in East Herts in the Gilston area (locally known as Harlow North) under the “Locally-Led Garden Village/Town” scheme.  I would like to make it absolutely clear that this scheme does not have local support and I am opposed to this development.
Finally, we will continue to post any newsworthy events on our Facebook page - STOP Harlow North. Please pay the page a visit and 'Like' us. Don't worry if you don't use Facebook as we will continue to send e-newsletters.

We always need volunteers to help with leaflet delivery so please get in touch by return e-mail or contact your town / parish council if you want to assist in any way. Your representatives are: David Royle (Sawbridgeworth), Jill Buck (Widford), Sam Clark (High Wych and Allen's Green), Spike Hughes (Eastwick and Gilston), Blaise Morris (Much Hadham), Bernadette Dunthorne (Hunsdon).
If you cannot help in person or simply want to make a donation to the campaign please make cheques payable to 'STOP Harlow North' c/o The Treasurer, SHN Campaign, 94 Pye Corner, Gilston, Herts, CM20 2RD.

Please forward this newsletter to your friends and ask them to "Join Us" on our website or via Facebook.
Best wishes
Unnecessary, Unsustainable and Undemocratic


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