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13th June 2019



Dear Sir/Madam


Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) and Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) and The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (as amended)

The Adopted East Herts District Plan (October 2018) has allocated the Gilston Area for development to accommodate 10,000 homes and identifies improvements to the connectivity over the River Stort to support growth of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town.  Further information at


In respect to the above I give notice that Places for People Developments Ltd is applying for:-

  1. Outline Planning Permission with all matters reserved apart from access for a mixed use development of up to 8,500 homes for a part of the Gilston Area (Reference 3/19/1045/OUT);
  2. Detailed Planning Permission for alterations to the existing Fifth Avenue bridge (Reference 3/19/1046/FUL);
  3. Detailed Planning Permission for erection of a new road, pedestrian and cycle bridge (Reference 3/19/1051/FUL) and Listed Building Consent for works to Fiddlers Brook Bridge (Reference 3/19/1049/LBC);

The above applications (1, 2 and 3) are accompanied by an environmental statement.

The Outline Planning Application (1) has been submitted to East Herts Council only and notices will be served separately.

Applications associated with the bridges (2 and 3) have been submitted to both East Herts and Harlow Councils and notice is hereby served jointly of their consultation:-


APPLICATION:         3/19/1046/FUL (Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00220)

PROPOSAL:  Alterations to the existing Fifth Avenue road/rail bridge, and creation of new bridges to support the widened highway to west of the existing structure to create the Central Stort Crossing, including embankment works, pedestrian and cycle facilities, a pedestrian and cycle bridge over Eastwick Road, lighting and landscaping works and other associated works

AT:      Land Adjacent To Fifth Avenue Existing Eastwick Crossing Hertfordshire/Harlow


APPLICATION:         3/19/1051/FUL & 3/19/1049/LBC (Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00221)

PROPOSAL:  Erection of a new road, pedestrian and cycle bridge; alterations to an existing rail bridge at River Way; alterations to the existing local highway network; lighting and landscaping works; listed building works to Fiddlers Brook Bridge; and other associated works

AT:      Land To The South And East Of Gilston Village And North Of River Gilston Hertfordshire/Harlow


You can view a copy of the applications, plans, environmental statement and other documents submitted on the East Herts Council’s website at using the references 3/19/1046/FUL and 3/19/1051/FUL. Alternatively you can inspect a copy of the applications between the hours of 9am – 4.45pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays at the East Herts Council Offices, Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford SG13 8EQ or at the Harlow Council Offices at the Civic Centre, the Water Gardens, College Square, Harlow CM20 1WG


Copies of the Environmental Statement may be requested by contacting / 020 3597 1000 quoting reference No Q070563 (charges may apply)


Anyone who wishes to make comments on the applications can make them online at using the references 3/19/1046/FUL and 3/19/1051/FUL (comments on the Listed Building Works should be submitted to 3/19/1051/FUL).  Comments may also be provided in writing to East Herts Council at Wallfields, Pegs Lane, Hertford SG13 8EQ before 09 August 2019.


East Herts Council and Harlow Council have agreed to act jointly to manage the bridge applications with all application documents and comments to be made publically available only on and all comments to be directed only to East Herts Council.  Each Council will still be required to determine the planning applications in due course through their respective committee processes and all comments submitted will be reported as appropriate to the Committees of both Councils.


In accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 the information you supply the Council will be used to process the planning application and any subsequent appeal (should one be lodged) and retained as per our published corporate data protection privacy policy which may be found here Data Protection - East Herts District Council. From time to time this information may be shared with other Council departments and / or outside partners to process your request as effectively as possible.


Due to the volume of mail received we are not able to acknowledge receipt. However, your comments will be passed to the planning officer dealing with the application. If you have commented we will inform you of the decision.

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