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Wed, 24th January 2018

Village Hall Management and Bookings

Village Hall Management and Bookings

Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairman: Pat Wood  01279 419838.

Treasurer Trevor Brown  01279 423676.

Bookings Officer Pat Wood  01279 419838.

Vice Chairman and Trustee: Keith Harvey 01279 410435.

Trustee: David Jackson 01279 419404

Booking of Hall

First, we regret that the Hall is not available for letting to or for the use of anyone between the ages of 12 and 21.  But children’s parties may be held between 2 pm and 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The fee (all fees are as from October 2011) is £45 with a refundable deposit of £100, both of which must be paid in advance.

Evening parties may be held between 6.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. The fee is £90 with a refundable deposit of £125. For non-residents the fee is £100, but the refundable deposit is the same (£125).

The Parish Council has the Hall for its meetings from 7.30 p.m. onwards on the second Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, and occasionally on other occasions.

The University of the Third Age uses the Village Hall on Wednesday afternoons; and table tennis is played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Regular weekly or monthly lettings for meetings or other activities (as opposed to a one-off event) may be held, subject to a formal licence being completed beforehand. The rates are £18 per hour.

Further details and applications are available from the Chairman and Bookings Officer, Pat Wood, 32 Pye Corner (Telephone 01279 419838).







PRESENT: David Jackson (Trustee and Chair), Keith Harvey (Trustee and Vice Chair), Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Patrick Wood (Trustee and Bookings Officer), Yolande Clarke and Janine Bryant


  1. Apologies. Amanda Olsen Parish Council rep.
  2. The minutes of the AGM of February 2nd 2015 were read, approved and signed.
  3. Chairman’s report, appended.  David said he would not be standing for re-election.  The election of Patrick Wood as Chairman was confirmed.
  4. Treasurer’s report.  An excess of expenditure over income of £1549.00 was reported.
  5. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for all his work during the year.
  6. The committee were re-elected nem.con.
  7. Lettings and fees:

Children’s parties £45

Adults’ parties £18 per hour

Table tennis to rise to £17 per hour

Meetings £18 per hour

Car parking £70.00 per car per annum

Motor cycles £40.00 per vehicle per annum


  1. The next AGM will be in February 2017 on a date to be advised.
  2. There was no further business.


David Jackson – Chairman


CHAIRMAN’S REPORT – D A JACKSON retiring chairman

I am happy to report a very successful year was achieved for the Village Hall.  The interior of the ha was redecorated in 2015 and the car park improved to take a larger number of vehicles, this completing the planned work to the premises.

I should now like to retire as chairman, a role I have occupied since 1993, some 23 years, with the regular assistance of Keith Harvey and Patrick Wood, both of whom have over the years been of invaluable assistance.  Of course without Trevor Brown our Treasurer, we would not have received his valued advice and excellent keeping of accounts.

Back in 1993 we had to manage with some primitive toilet arrangements out at the back of the original hall building, an area now incorporated into the ‘new’ extension.   Over these years the original hall has had a new electric heating system, new blinds, and improved insulation to the ceilings and walls.  All the window in the main hall have been renewed with double glazed units.  The kitchen had been improved too and additional accommodation has been provided, to wit modern toilet facilities, storage and foyer.  Block paving was laid to the front and side.  Appropriate outside lighting was installed to front, side and rear of the premises.  The bench has been refurbished, and a notice board installed.  Recently in 2015 the hall was redecorated and the car park widened and surroundings greenery cut back.  Our next move is to hire a skip to remove the remaining refuse at the side of the premises, which is planned for March 2016.

Mary Jackson organized a Meet and Greet event in December 2015 for all residents of the two villages.  It was a great success, with mote than 50 people attending, including new residents at Terlings Park.


I hope that the Village Hall will continue to be a useful and loved facility for the area for many years to come.

David Jackson, Trustee.





PRESENT: Patrick Wood, (Chairman, Trustee & Booking Officer), Keith Harvey (Vice Chairman & Trustee) David Jackson (Trustee), Trevor Brown(Treasurer), Yolande Clarke, Janine Bryant

  1. Apologies received from Amanda Olsen, Parish Council representative.
  2. The minutes of the meeting held on 19th October 2015 were read, approved and signed.
  3. There were no further works to be carried out.
  4. Lettings to the hall continues as before to U3A Bridge, table tennis groups and village meetings.
  5. Rubbish which has accumulated at the side of the hall would be removed at a weekend in March.  Dave Buxton has begun with a de-bulking of the surrounds to the hall and car park, and will continue in the spring.
  6. The next meeting would be held in June 2016, on a date to be advised.
  7. Any other business.  Notice is hereby given by EHDC of the hall being required on 5th May for a Police and Crime Commissioner’s election, and a national referendum on 23rd June.  In addition a date of 15th September has been booked.