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Fri, 20th July 2018

Village Hall Management

Village Hall Management

Village Hall Management Committee.

Chairman: Pat Wood  01279 419838.

Treasurer Trevor Brown  01279 423676.

Bookings Officer Pat Wood  01279 419838.

Vice Chairman and Trustee: Keith Harvey 01279 410435.

Trustee: David Jackson 01279 419404


The Village Hall Management Committee needs New Members

The Village Hall, more or less in the centre of Gilston, remains, alongside the two churches, the most important village resource for Eastwick, Gilston and, now, Terlings Park.  The hall and land were originally donated by the squire in 1908 as a Working Men’s Club.  It is a fine facility enhanced in recent years by considerable refurbishment carried out as a result of the tireless work and efforts of a few residents. 

The hall is available for children’s parties, etc (for example table tennis & yoga – the possibilities are endless) and for other functions such as the recent, well attended, Community Workshops discussing the future of our villages.

The task of running and maintaining the hall and encouraging its use by all residents of our villages is carried out by three Trustees and a small committee whose members include representatives of the villages and organisations such as the Parochial Church Council and the Parish Council.

Over the years this work has been carried out by more or less the same people, none of whom are getting younger, so we are seeking new blood and new ideas, particularly from those new residents who have moved in and become a welcome addition to our villages.

If you are interested please contact Pat Wood, 01279 419838, or come along to our next meeting – Monday 18th June 2018 at 8:00pm – everyone is welcome.

Current committee members are:

Pat Wood, Trustee, chair and bookings officer

Keith Harvey, Trustee and deputy chair

David Jackson, Trustee

Trevor Brown, treasurer

Janine Bryant, Parish Council representative

Yolande Clarke, residents’ representative

Christine Law, Parochial Church Council representative

3 vacancies



Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Annual General Meeting & Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 5th February 2018

1. Present: Janine Bryant (Parish Council representative), Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Yolande Clarke (Churches representative), Keith Harvey (Trustee and Vice-Chair), Patrick Wood (Chairman, Trustee & Bookings Officer)

   Apologies: David Jackson (Trustee),

Members of the public (4)

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2. Minutes of the previous AGM held 20th March 2017 were agreed to be an accurate record.

    Matters arising. None not covered in the agenda.

3. Chairman’s report

The hall continues to make a small surplus.  The grounds are maintained by D Buxton and the hall is cleaned weekly, on Mondays.

The Chair thanked everyone for their help & support throughout the year.

4. Treasurer’s annual report of accounts

·         Bookings remained steady, WindHill Academy Trust, a long term weekly (school term time) booking through to September 2018 have paid for the full academic year (to end August 2017).  The total payment of £1,445 is shown in the 2017 / 18 income figures.

·         Cheques are now being received in a timely manner for payment into the bank.

·         All suppliers & services now paid by direct debit.

·         Insurance has been renewed with new provider on a 3 yr contract.  Moved from Aon Village Hall Insurance to Allied Westminster (underwritten by Aviva).  (Note an increase of only £10 on the previous year)

·         Application for reduced rates has been approved

·         Section 106 monies still not received.

5. Committee meeting minutes, accounts, bookings diary and pricing to be published on the Parish website.

Actions: Janine to send electronic copy of recent minutes to Christine Law for publication

            Christine to publish 2017 / 18 end of year accounts (paper copy handed over)

            Pat to send Christine list of bookings and current prices for publication            

Election of Committee members believed to be bi-annual.  AGM 2017 elected members therefore no action this year.

New committee member appointed to represent the Parochial Church Council, Christine Law.  Yolande Clarke will continue as a Committee member representing residents.

Communication, prepared by Yolande, to be published in Parish Magazine to encourage residents to get involved – it is the Community’s Hall (ie everyone’s)

Action:  Janine putting into electronic document, to be sent to Christine for publication

Business Meeting

6. Hall bookings (invoice / receipt book) plus Hiring rules and regulations.  

JB had previously circulated draft booking form plus Hiring rules for consultation with committee members.

Draft accepted and quotation, from Biscoe Printing, for 100 sets (in triplicate) at £85 accepted

Action:  JB to order 100 sets

7. Section 106 – 3 letters have been sent to EHDC, during the last 9 months, but no response (or even acknowledgement) received.

Action: Mark Orson, Parish Council Chair, to identify who in EHDC should be dealing with S106

Currently Lauren Costello [mailto:Lauren.Costello@eastherts.gov.uk]

8. Improvements to Village Hall

Mark advised the meeting the Parish Council have significant funds (New Homes Bonus) and wish to explore with the Village Hall Committee whether there are any improvements required which could be joint funded by the Hall’s S106 funds and the Parish Council’s New Homes Bonus.

It was suggested the kitchen needs refurbishment plus some minor expenditure on new tables and new water boiler.

Actions: Trevor to purchase 4 * Go Pack tables and a water boiler

Sub group, representatives of the Village Hall Committee (Trevor & Keith) and the Parish Council (Mark & Janine) to discuss potential refurbishment projects.

9. Church booking for Shrove Tuesday ‘pancake day’ event 13th February.  Hall Committee agreed to give donation to the charity, Hunger Awareness, for which this event is being held.

10. Vacant BT Telephone Box / defibrillator.  It is hoped a defibrillator can be sourced and placed in suitable location on the hall site.  Potential locations:  vacant BT Telephone box or outside the entrance to hall (at rear of building).

Action:  Parish Council exploring possible funding / grant

11. Trustees – purpose, responsibilities, etc

A paper copy of the Village Hall Trustees Roles and Responsibilities handed over to J Bryant

Action: Janine to provide copy to Christine to be published (or a link) on the Village Hall page of the Parish website

8. Any Other Business None

Date of future meetings:            Monday 18th June 2108  (note date changed)

                                                            Monday 1st October 2018

                                                            Monday 4th February 2019  – AGM

Meeting closed at 21:15


            INCOME                                                                    EXPENDITURE





Misc. Hall Hire




Parish Council


Water & Sewage


EHDC Elections


Fire equipment










Car Parking






Wages – cleaner




       Window cleaner


COIF Deposit


Grounds  maintenance




























Community Account as of 31.1.2017




Business Account as of 31.1.2018






Balance as of 31.1.2017




Excess Income / Expenditure




Balance as of 31.1.2018











Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 23rd October 2017

1. Present: Janine Bryant (Parish Council representative), Yolande Clarke (Churches representative), David Jackson (Trustee), Patrick Wood (Chairman, Trustee & Bookings Officer)

   Absences: Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Keith Harvey (Trustee and Vice-Chair),

2. Minutes of previous meetings held 19th June 2017 were agreed to be an accurate record.

    Matters arising. None not covered in the agenda.

It was noted that owners of adjoining property have had the hedging trimmed along edge of car park.

3. Treasurer’s update

·         Bookings remained steady, cancellation by U3A Bridge replaced by WindHill Academy Trust, a long term weekly (school term time) booking through to September 2018 generating £1,445

·         Receipt of cheques still haphazard delaying payment into the bank.

·         All suppliers & services now paid by direct debit.

·         Insurance has been renewed with new provider on a 3 year contract.  Moved from Aon Village Hall Insurance to Allied Westminster (underwritten by Aviva).

·         Section 106 monies still not received.

4. Hiring rules and regulations to be updated. 

TB submitted High Wych Memorial Hall R&R for consideration. 

Committee to review High Wych R&Rs marking which section to be kept / deleted and returned to JB by end November.

JB to review G&E Hall Letting Conditions and add relevant sections from High Wych.  This to be circulated to group for further comment.

5. Hall bookings (invoice / receipt book)

JB to draft booking form for consultation with committee members.

6. Section 106 – letter sent to EHDC, 9th Sept, but no response (or even acknowledgement) received.

PW to chase

7. Trustees – purpose, responsibilities, etc

PW to look through paperwork handed over by previous Chair (DJ) for documents related to the R&R of Trustees (possibly from around 1960) and bring to next meeting.

8. Any Other Business None

Date of future meetings:            Monday 5th February 2018 – AGM

                                                            Monday 4th June 2108

                                                            Monday 1st October 2018

                                                           Monday 4th February 2019  – AGM

Meeting dates to be published in Parish Magazine

YC to submit to Christine Law

Meeting closed at 21:15

Future Agenda items:

·         Trustee membership, responsibilities, etc.


Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee

Business Meeting Minutes – Monday 19th June 2017

1. Present: Trevor Brown (Treasurer), Janine Bryant (resident), Yolande Clarke (Churches representative), Keith Harvey (Trustee and Vice-Chair), David Jackson (Trustee), Patrick Wood (Chairman & Bookings Officer)

2. Absences: Amanda Olsen (Parish Council)

3. Minutes of previous meetings held 20th March 2017 (Annual General Meeting & Business Meeting) were agreed to be an accurate record.

4. Matters arising.

Outstanding item from AGM – Trevor Brown agreed to continue as Gilston and Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee Treasurer.

Treasurer confirmed insurance, electricity and water supply have been renewed in such a way as to minimise cost.

A. Chairman informed the meeting that the public phone box outside Village Hall will be removed by BT’s contractors by end 2017

B. & D. confirmation hall hire charges to be remain:

·         £18 per hour (discounted to £17 per hour for long term bookings).

o   Long term booking agreed at 24 confirmed bookings or more

o   Long term bookings subject to 4 weeks cancellation notification

·         Hall hire terms & conditions confirmed as displayed inside and outside the hall.  These do not include the hourly rate as Bookings Officer will discuss rate with individual hirers based on length of hire.

Action T&Cs to be amended to explain ‘long term’ booking and cancellation requirement.

C. New owners of bungalow adjoining Village Hall to be asked to cut back trees infringing on VH car park.  Need for hedge maintenance demonstrated by difficulty experienced in delivering polling booths.

Action to be taken forward by PW

5. Chair extended thanks to YC for preparing the minutes of last meeting(s).

6. Hall bookings

A. Reminder that all Hall bookings must be dealt with by Bookings Officer. 

B. Name of the Village Hall Management Committee confirmed as Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee.  Consistency needed to avoid confusion with the bank, etc.

Action all future correspondence, publications, etc. to reflect.

YC to correct entry in the Parish Magazine.

C.  The meeting discussed what is & what is not provided to hirers of the hall.  The group unanimously agreed:

·         The toilets to be kept supplied with toilet paper and soap (through services of the cleaner);

·         Kitchen cleaning items are not provided; that is, tea towels, dish cloths, pan scourers, etc. are not supplied.

Action T&Cs to be amended (by TB when designing new booking document) to:

·         Correct hall name

·         Explain ‘long term’ booking and cancellation requirement;

·         Clarify what housekeeping materials are supplied / not supplied.

D. The meeting discussed the need for better / more accountable method of managing confirmation of & invoicing of bookings.  It was agreed to source a ‘booklet’ with triplicate copies of booking & invoicing information:

·         Top 2 copies to hirer

o   One copy to be returned to Treasurer with payment

·         Bottom copy to be retained by Treasurer (to be matched with returned copy when received with payment)


·         new booking / invoicing documents required, to include copy of the (amended) T&Cs on the reverse

·         TB to investigate (other Hall Booking T&Cs), design then approach Shogun Printers to quote for triplicate document. 

E. Treasurer advised meeting of new long term booking by the Windhill Children’s Centre.  This starts early September each Wednesday morning (term time) plus occasional Saturdays.

F. Feasibility of hiring out our small room discussed.  Will be reviewed if / when requests are received as currently holds Table Tennis tables, etc.

7. Section 106 fund related to Terlings Park development discussed in depth.  Relevant historical paperwork passed to JB.  Value of Section 106 related to village hall substantial to reflect saving for developers in not needing to build alternative community hall. £70, 445 proposed in Application 3/11/0554/OP submitted to EHDC by Angle Property.

Action letter to be written (JB & Chairman) and sent to EHDC requesting payment of the £18,785.40 including VAT out of the Section 106 fund, which has already been spent on various improvements (new ceiling, lights, etc.) by the GEVHMC.  Letter prepared and sent to Chairman (PW).


·         Historical paperwork suggests upto £70, 445 available however it further suggests payment is made on receipt of invoices paid by the G&EVHMC.

·         Above letter to seek guidance on how this money can be ‘claimed’ for further Capital improvements.

·         VHMC have previous survey identifying additional capital projects.

8. Any Other Business

TB requested authorisation to destroy old & unnecessary paperwork related to GEVHMC, whilst retaining a minimum of 7 years financial history / records.  Unanimously agreed.

Action: TB to reduce Treasurer’s historical paperwork as agreed.

Meeting closed at 21:30

Date of next business meeting: Monday 2nd October 2017

Potential future Agenda items:

·         Trustee membership, responsibilities, etc.

·         Table Tennis Club to be informed cheques to be handed to / sent to either Bookings Officer or Treasurer


Booking of Hall

First, we regret that the Hall is not available for letting to or for the use of anyone between the ages of 12 and 21. 

Children’s parties may be held between 2 pm and 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. The fee is £18.00 per hour with a refundable deposit of £100, both of which must be paid in advance.

Evening parties may be held between 6.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. The fee is £18.00 per hour  with a refundable deposit of £125.  Non-residents must have a resident to vouch for the hire.

The Parish Council has the Hall for its meetings from 7.30 p.m. onwards on the second Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, and occasionally on other occasions.

Regular weekly or monthly lettings for meetings or other activities (as opposed to a one-off event) may be held, subject to a formal licence being completed beforehand. The rates are £18 per hour.

Further details and applications are available from the Chairman and Bookings Officer, Pat Wood, 32 Pye Corner (Telephone 01279 419838).

Please see below the conditions of hire and a copy of the booking form that can be printed off.

Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Application for Hire / Booking Form


Day & Date of booking





Times required*


From:………………………………………       To:……………………………………………………


* Time from will be the time when the Hall is required to be opened to receive / goods / make preparations.

* Time to will be up to time when Hall is cleared and left clean & tidy – 11:30pm at the latest.

The Hall will not be let: to any persons under 18 years, for public discos, etc.





Full name of Applicant






Address and Postcode







Contact details



Telephone ……………………………………………  email …………………………………………………



Hire Cost



Damage Indemnity **




Balance Due


Please telephone the Booking Officer, 01279 419838, to confirm and discuss total cost before submitting this application form.                     Thank you.



I, the undersigned, hereby apply for use of Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall as stated above. 

I agree, if the application for hire is accepted, to observe and be bound by the Hall Letting Conditions, a copy of which I have received and read – see overleaf.

I have enclosed cash / cheque (payable to Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall)


Please return this completed & signed form and payment to the Booking Secretary.

Cheque number
















** Your Damage Indemnity Payment is held against damage, breakages, missing equipment and any additional cleaning time found to be necessary.  This will be returned providing no penalty payment is needed.




Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Hall Letting Conditions


Applications for any use of the Hall should be made to the Bookings Officer:

Patrick Wood, 32 Pye Corner, Gilston. Hertfordshire, CM20 2RB.              Telephone 01279 419838

1.      The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application to use the Hall.

2.      The Hall includes use of the kitchen facilities and car park for the parking of cars only.  No parking shall be permitted at the front of the premises.  The nursery play area and nursery furniture are not available for use.

3.      The number of persons permitted to use the Hall at any time shall not exceed 90 when seated and 60 on other occasions.

4.      Persons taking a letting must be aware of the NO SMOKING Policy and the Fire Precautions with the equipment available and means of escape in case of fire or other emergency.  The front door is a Means of Escape only and must be kept clear of all obstruction.

5.      The Hall is available for private lettings only.   There are NO licences for music or other entertainment or other ticket selling events.  The person responsible for the letting must apply for and obtain any licences which the law requires.  Amplification of music and alcohol consumption at adult parties shall be so controlled to prevent nuisance to the local residents and cleaning staff.

6.      The Letting Fee and Damage Indemnity deposit must be paid by cheque (payable to Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall) to the Bookings Officer at least 7 days before the event.

7.      In fairness to local residents all playing of music shall cease at 10:30pm and the letting shall be completed with the Hall cleared, cleaned and vacated by 11:30pm.  Guests and cars are requested to leave quietly without giving any offence to local residents.

8.      The person taking the letting shall ensure that at least one responsible adult over 30 years of age shall be present throughout the period of the letting to secure safety, prevent unauthorized entry and see that the event is conducted in an orderly manner with no activity being performed which shall be contrary to decency, good manners and the law.

9.      The use of adhesive tape, pins, blue tac or other adhesive on the walls, doors and ceilings is not permitted.  Any decoration for the event must be removed at the end of the letting together with all refuse which shall be bagged up and taken away.  The premises shall be left clean and tidy, which shall include the removal of all sticky liquids or other matter, as found at the commencement of the letting.  Chairs and tables are to be stacked tidily in the entrance lobby, lights and heating switched off and windows properly secured. 

10.  Providing there has been no breach of these letting conditions or any damage to the premises, its fittings or equipment the Damage Indemnity deposit will be refunded one week following the letting.

11.  The Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or their property during the period of the letting.

12.  The key to the Hall is to be collected prior to and returned to the Bookings Officer on completion of the letting.

Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee