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Thu, 23rd January 2020

Village Hall Booking Form

Village Hall Booking Form


Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Letting Fees

Please note: all lettings are deemed to be minimum of one & half hours

Community Events - where ALL residents are invited and no “entrance fee” is levied.

For example: Meet & Greet, Pancake Tuesday, etc. including age related events such as “Messy Church”

Please discuss with the Bookings Officer or any member of the Village Hall Management Committee

Non profit Making Events

Eg Mum & Toddler Groups, Coffee Mornings, Table Tennis clubs

Regular Bookings

10 or more sessions

Residents of G & E

£10 per hour, minimum 1.5hrs

Non residents

£12 per hour,

minimum 1.5hrs



If 10 sessions paid in Advance 11th session Free of Charge


Casual Bookings

Residents of G & E

£12 per hour,

minimum 1.5hrs

Non residents

£14 per hour,

minimum 1.5hrs


Children’s parties,

up to the age of 13

residents only

£14 per hr minimum 2hrs









Commercial / Profit Making bookings

Eg Yoga classes

Regular Bookings

3 months or more

£13 per hour - minimum 1.5hrs


If 3 months paid in Advance 1 session Free of Charge


Casual Bookings

£15 per hour - minimum 1.5hrs



‘Start Up’ activities

Discounted £11 per hour - minimum 1.5hrs

For first 10 sessions

Community events use of Hall to be free of charge.

Community events are where ALL residents are invited (this includes age related, eg “Messy Church”) and no “entrance fee” is levied.


Non profit making events That is; small independent groups where admission fees are solely for the benefit of said group;  eg Gilston Table Tennis group, Mum & Toddler group, etc

Regular bookings        10 sessions or more booked in advance

Casual bookings          less than 10 sessions booked in advance

Commercial bookings / Profit making ie aims to make a profit (SpringBox, Yoga classes, etc.) or where the organisers / members are required to pay a ‘subscription’ to a parent organisation (U3A or similar)

Regular bookings        minimum 3 months

Casual bookings          less than 3 months booked in advance

Start Up Activities        To encourage new activities and ventures the first 2 sessions will be at no charge and the next 8 sessions will be offered with a £2 per hour reduction.

Booking of Hall

First, we regret that the Hall is not available for letting to or for the use of anyone between the ages of 14 and 21. 

Children’s parties - up to the age of 13 - may be held on Saturdays and Sundays between 9:30am and 6:00 pm . The fee is £14.00 per hour - minimum 2 hours - with a refundable deposit of £100, both of which must be paid in advance.

Evening parties may be held between 6.30 p.m. and 11.30 p.m. The fee is £18.00 per hour  with a refundable deposit of £125.  Non-residents must have a resident to vouch for the hire.

The Parish Council has the Hall for its meetings from 7.30 p.m. onwards on the second Monday of the months of January, March, May, July, September and November, and occasionally on other occasions.

Regular weekly or monthly lettings for meetings or other activities (as opposed to a one-off event) may be held, subject to a formal licence being completed beforehand. The rates are £18 per hour.

Further details and applications are available from the  Bookings Officer, Maxine Evetts 34 Pye Corner, Gilston (telephone 07723 606887).

Please see below the conditions of hire and a copy of the booking form that can be printed off.

Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Application for Hire / Booking Form


Day & Date of booking





Times required*


From:………………………………………       To:……………………………………………………


* Time from will be the time when the Hall is required to be opened to receive / goods / make preparations.

* Time to will be up to time when Hall is cleared and left clean & tidy – 11:30pm at the latest.

The Hall will not be let: to any persons under 18 years, for public discos, etc.





Full name of Applicant






Address and Postcode







Contact details



Telephone ……………………………………………  email …………………………………………………



Hire Cost



Damage Indemnity **




Balance Due


Please telephone the Booking Officer, 07723606887, to confirm and discuss total cost before submitting this application form.                     Thank you.



I, the undersigned, hereby apply for use of Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall as stated above. 

I agree, if the application for hire is accepted, to observe and be bound by the Hall Letting Conditions, a copy of which I have received and read – see overleaf.

I have enclosed cash / cheque (payable to Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall)


Please return this completed & signed form and payment to the Booking Secretary.

Cheque number
















** Your Damage Indemnity Payment is held against damage, breakages, missing equipment and any additional cleaning time found to be necessary.  This will be returned providing no penalty payment is needed.




Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall

Hall Letting Conditions


Applications for any use of the Hall should be made to the Bookings Officer:

 Maxine Evetts - 34 Pye Corner, Gilston - 07723 606887 - email: combiboilers@btconnect.com

1.      The Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application to use the Hall.

2.      The Hall includes use of the kitchen facilities and car park for the parking of cars only.  No parking shall be permitted at the front of the premises.  The nursery play area and nursery furniture are not available for use.

3.      The number of persons permitted to use the Hall at any time shall not exceed 90 when seated and 60 on other occasions.

4.      Persons taking a letting must be aware of the NO SMOKING Policy and the Fire Precautions with the equipment available and means of escape in case of fire or other emergency.  The front door is a Means of Escape only and must be kept clear of all obstruction.

5.      The Hall is available for private lettings only.   There are NO licences for music or other entertainment or other ticket selling events.  The person responsible for the letting must apply for and obtain any licences which the law requires.  Amplification of music and alcohol consumption at adult parties shall be so controlled to prevent nuisance to the local residents and cleaning staff.

6.      The Letting Fee and Damage Indemnity deposit must be paid by cheque (payable to Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall) to the Bookings Officer at least 7 days before the event.

7.      In fairness to local residents all playing of music shall cease at 10:30pm and the letting shall be completed with the Hall cleared, cleaned and vacated by 11:30pm.  Guests and cars are requested to leave quietly without giving any offence to local residents.

8.      The person taking the letting shall ensure that at least one responsible adult over 30 years of age shall be present throughout the period of the letting to secure safety, prevent unauthorized entry and see that the event is conducted in an orderly manner with no activity being performed which shall be contrary to decency, good manners and the law.

9.      The use of adhesive tape, pins, blue tac or other adhesive on the walls, doors and ceilings is not permitted.  Any decoration for the event must be removed at the end of the letting together with all refuse which shall be bagged up and taken away.  The premises shall be left clean and tidy, which shall include the removal of all sticky liquids or other matter, as found at the commencement of the letting.  Chairs and tables are to be stacked tidily in the entrance lobby, lights and heating switched off and windows properly secured. 

10.  Providing there has been no breach of these letting conditions or any damage to the premises, its fittings or equipment the Damage Indemnity deposit will be refunded one week following the letting.

11.  The Management Committee accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or their property during the period of the letting.

12.  The key to the Hall is to be collected prior to and returned to the Bookings Officer on completion of the letting.

Gilston & Eastwick Village Hall Management Committee